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image of several people enjoying the Kiwitub at the waters edge of Pigeon Island, Lake Wakatipu
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Kiwitub for Bed & Breakfasts, farmstays, back country huts, walking tracks and lodges, adventure tourism, boats, and jetties.

The Kiwitub is probably the best single investment you can add to your business. This is not hype. Earn money every time it's used, no ongoing costs if it's not in use, and it's a major attractor of tourists to you.

It's not just an expense: it's serious marketing.

'Clean water hot tub, no chemicals, no-one else has been in the water' is a HUGE draw card to a tourist deciding which place to stay at for the night.  Plus it's your point of difference, it's funky, it's clean and green, it's 100% New Zealand.

One B&B near the Heaphy Track added a Kiwitub. In the year following it made a profit for the first time, got winter bookings for the first time ever, and over half to tourists booking in were asking for the clean water hot tub.   

This isn't rocket science - you will get extra trade. If I'm a tired tourist looking to choose a place to stay, I'm probably going to pick the one with the clean water hot tub where I can soak my muscles with a wine or beer. This is especially the case with walking tracks and huts. We've recently sold four Kiwitubs to the Otago Rail Trail - we ran a small survey and a full 100% of cyclists said they'd probably pick a place to stay which had a hot tub where they could soak in the evening.  

It's the same with dive boats. If I'm choosing a boat for my SCUBA party in cold southern waters, I'm almost certainly going to pick the one with the salt water hot tub on it. (And even more so in winter, normally the quiet period.)

Plus for free your guests get the stunning Southern night sky. Do not take this for granted - there's much more here than in the northern hemisphere Provide a few laminated star charts and you've significantly added to their day.

It's a money earner in its own right.

Charge $60 to fill and heat the tub for a group or couple for the night. That's their own private hot tub, filled with fresh clean water just for them.   It'll cost $8 or so in gas to do that, so you make $52 or so profit every time it's used, so the purchase price is paid off in about 120 uses.  This could be as quick as a few months.   We also have a finance firm which handles the tub, costing a few hundred dollars down then about $70 a week for two years.   Only one use of the tub a week pretty much covers that.   But the biggest benefit is in all that extra custom.

If the tub's not in use there are no ongoing costs at all, unlike a spa pool.   And note that a spa pool in commercial use in New Zealand has extremely tight regulatory requirements, including checking and adjusting the pH with chemicals every four hours, needing a pool operator's licence ($400 or so) to use the chemicals, and emptying it every week whether anyone's been in it or not.   One operator in Akaroa reckons her spa pool cost her $1,800 in electricity last winter, taking $40-50 to heat up each time.   She's since turned it off and bought a Kiwitub.   And because Kiwitub isn't a spa pool it avoids many spa pool regulations.

Free publicity for you.

There has been a huge amount of interest in the Kiwitub from magazines, newspapers, television and radio, e.g. TV One Network News items. If you're using a tub, flaunt it! Ring your media outlets and let them know about it - they want interesting articles. We can provide for free any photos off this website if you wish to use them in media items or your own advertising.

Cleaning and drainage.

Just open the drainage cock to empty the tub. No chemicals means it's safe to run the water into the open, or down the stormwater runoff channels from the roof guttering. Run round the smooth inside with any non-scouring disinfectant cleanser or vinegar and hose or sluice it with clean water.

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