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Where can I take Kiwitub?
  • Use in the home back yard.... or beyond.
  • You are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity.
You can just use Kiwitub in the backyard of the house, on the deck, down the garden, by the swimming pool. But there are other possibilities...
We've taken the tub up to a frozen lake for ice diving, into the mountains, out to islands, beside rivers, on the beach. It'll fit on a boat or big whitewater raft. Ideal for a weekend holiday place or tramping hut: fill and fire it up for Saturday night. Or take it round to the party. Or invent Extreme Tubbing...

Transporting Kiwitub

The tub will go on or in any suitably-sized ute, pick-up truck, light car or boat trailer, SUV, boat, or large inflatable raft.

The tub comes with plastic screw-in plugs for the two hose outlet holes to keep dust and water out. It floats amazingly well and can be paddled or towed behind a boat or canoe. We haven't tried fitting an outboard motor to it. Yet.

Remember that its 1.5m (5ft) diameter x 0.75m (30in) depth is also padlockable dry storage space. The burner and flue pack inside the tub, with plenty of room left over for about 10 tramping (hiking) packs (see photo).

(Note that the last image to the left shows the Kiwitub packed not only with all of its own equipment, but also with several backpacks)

Filling and emptying the tub
  • No plumbing connections necessary.
  • Fill with hose or bucket in minutes.
  • Empty by disconnecting the hoses or opening the drainage cock.
Kiwitub is a portable system, so doesn't need power, plumbing or drainage connections. The tub takes 800L (180 gal.) of fresh water or sea water. We have filled it in three minutes with two buckets when the tub was sitting on a lake shore, and in 35 minutes by a garden hose at home.

To empty, you can just disconnect the lower hose from the burner: this takes about two seconds and the tub will drain in two minutes.

There is also a stainless steel drainage tap on the back wall of the burner. Opening this will drain the tub and burner in an hour or so. You can connect a garden hose to the tap to run the water onto the lawn, vegetable garden, runoff channel from house roof gutters, stormwater drainage, etc. This is fine because of the lack of chemicals.
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